2A and 2B D&T day

This week, the children in both classes made their own moving vehicle as part of our D&T learning. Throughout Autumn 1, we have been looking at the Dazzle ship and how to create different dazzle patterns, using elements of tints and tones from our art learning. We began the day by sealing our boxes and then using our dazzle designs to cover our box fully. We glue on a triangle insert which would keep our axle in place and then used a ruler to measure the width of our boxes, to know how long we need to cut the dowel to make our axles. The children were very confident at measuring in cm's, using a ruler and marking their number with a line. Then, using the saw, the children cut their wooden axles, using glue to attach one of the wheels to the end. Once this had dried, we put the axles through the holders and glued on the wheel to the other end. The final step was to let it dry and then we tested and evaluated our final product. Overall, the children were really happy with what they had produced and suggested some excellent things they could change if they were to make it again. Well done 2A and 2B! 

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