A visit from Leonie Roberts

Today, Year 1 received a very special visitor called Leonie Roberts. Leonie is an author and teacher from Liverpool who delivered an assembly to the children. Leonie discussed who she was, where she was from, why she decided to become an author and how long it took her. She then read the children her book called My Colourful Chameleon which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The book had lots of rhyming words in it so the children could easily join in on key parts of the story. We thought of questions in our classes and asked Leonie some of them: Where did you get the idea of the story from? Did you write the story on your own or did someone help you? Why did you decide to use rhyming words in the story? What is your favourite part and why? Leonie inspired children to follow their dreams and work hard to become what they want to be in the future. Year 1 all thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story and will love to share it with you at home. 

A huge thank you to Leonie Roberts for coming in and sharing her fantastic story with us! 

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