Art Day - 1A & 1C

Year 1 Art Day - 1A & 1C

Today both 1A and 1C took part in an art day with a visitng artist, Ian Fennelly. As an introduction to our Royal topic next term, we made a King or Queen sculpture, using the milk bottles you provided. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and learnt about how to create simple sculptures using a range of resources and materials including: pipe cleaners, beads, masking tape, watery PVA, pom poms and polystyrene balls. The children worked in twos or threes to complete their sculpture and showed excellent teamwork skills throughout the day. We began the day by covering the milk bottle in masking tape and ensuring there were no gaps. We then created a neck and stuck the sculpture onto the base. After that, we used watered down glue to cover the sculpture in coloured tissue paper for the skin. Next, we made eyes, a mouth, jewelerry, hair and a crown to finish our Kings and Queens. Well done to all children in 1A and 1C for concentrating so hard, helping their friends and working so well in their little groups. The Kings and Queens all look fabulous on display in the hall. Please find some pictures of our completed sculptures below. 





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