Road Safety Week

Today, all of Year 1 spent time learning about road safety and why it’s incredibly important. The focus of road safety week this year is, bike safety and how to be safe on the road. Children in Year 1 watched a video to show them the important things to do when riding your bike, including: wearing a helmet to protect your head. As a result, we designed our very own bike helmet and discussed what material we would need to use to ensure it would be sturdy and would protect us. Some designs we completed are found below. Additionally, we conducted a mini experiment using eggs. Firstly, we dropped an egg into a bucket and observed it breaking due to the force and height it was dropped at. We then wrapped our egg in bubble wrap as a protective layer (just like a helmet) and observed how it didn’t smash this time. Children realised that the bubble wrap was just like a helmet for our heads and saw how important helmets are. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning about road safety and hope that the children can share what they have learnt with you. Well done Year 1 for learning the importance of road safety! 



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