Science Week

Science Week 

Today, we spent the afternoon completing a Science experiment in order to celebrate and recognise Science Week in school. 1C and 1D had a challenge to create a mixture that would be suitable to make bubbles and they had to create their own bubble wands using straws and pipe cleaners. Our aim of the bubble experiment was for us to create the BEST bubble. As a class, we discussed what we meant by the word best and came to a decision that the best bubble for us, would mean creating a bubble which lasted the longest and didn't pop straight away. We timed this to ensure it was fair. One bubble lasted 41 seconds! We even tried to make the biggest bubble and realised that the bigger our hole on the bubble wand was, the bigger the bubble was likely to be. 

We created our mixture using 6 cups of water, half a cup of cornflour, half a cup of washing up liquid and a tablespoon of baking powder. We predicted whether we thought the bubble mixture would work and then discussed what we found afterwards. We completed a write up of our experiment in our Science books. 

Children thoroughly enjoyed this experiment and will more than likely enjoy explaining this experiment at home. Happy Science Week! 


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