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OFSTED Report, by Mrs Walters

Date: 14th Dec 2017 @ 10:28am

OFSTED visited St George's last week. To read their report please follow the link below.


Singers at Wallasey Village Lbrary, by Mrs Walters

Date: 13th Dec 2017 @ 3:12pm

Children from years 1 and 2 entertained members of the community at Wallasey Village Library last week with a Christmas singing session. The visitors all enjoyed the entertainment and the children had a great time performing.

Road safety workshop - Year 6, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 13th Dec 2017 @ 11:12am

Year 6 participated in a road safety workshop today. They learnt how to cross roads safely and how to behave on pavements. They also learnt about safe clothing and cycling along the roads. It would be great if children could continue these discussions at home.

Reading Club at the Library, by Mrs Horton

Date: 13th Dec 2017 @ 8:32pm

For the past 6 weeks, a group of year 2 children have been enjoying a weekly visit to Wallasey Village Library. We have had a great time learning how to use the library, having books hunts, reading together and eating biscuits! The children have had a super time and have impressed me with their fabulous reading. They have really enjoyed just spending quiet time in the library and browsing the large collection of books. 

It's great to use the library and we would love to see more of our families using this fantastic free facility. 

Family e-safety workshop for years 5 and 6, by Mrs Walters

Date: 9th Dec 2017 @ 11:51am

Parents of children in years 5 and 6 are invited to join us at upper site for a family e-safety workshop on Monday 11th December from 5-6pm.

School photo payments, by Mrs Walters

Date: 5th Dec 2017 @ 1:23pm

If you have sent a slip in for the school photos on Friday please make sure the full payment of £12 is received by Friday morning. This is not available on Parent Pay but we can accept cash or cheques made payable to Whitebox.

School photographs, by Mrs Walters

Date: 30th Nov 2017 @ 2:16pm

Please see the attached letter regarding school photographs next week

6b attendance party, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 7th Dec 2017 @ 3:15pm

Well done 6b! We celebrated fantastic attendance with a party today. We played party games, had snowball fights and danced away to our favourite songs. yes

OFSTED visit, by Mrs Walters

Date: 5th Dec 2017 @ 2:36pm

OFSTED inspectors will be visiting school tomorrow. Parents are invited to fill in an online parent survey 'Parent View' which can be found on the school website under Important Information, OFSTED and St George's.


There will also be a drop in session for parents to speak to inspectors between 3 and 3.30pm on Wednesday in the school hall. A letter will go out tonight with more information and can also be viewed below. 


TV stars!, by Mrs Walters

Date: 1st Dec 2017 @ 1:36pm

Two of our children, Ava and George, will be appearing on TV this weekend!

The children were filmed at Clare House's new site in Liverpool earlier this term as part of a special episode of Dengineers on CBBC. 

The show ill be on TV at 11am on Saturday 2nd December

6A Classifying leaves, by Mr Keaney

Date: 1st Dec 2017 @ 3:49pm

Year 6 had a great time outside during science, we were looking for lots of different leaves. After we had collected the leaves, we discussed their characteristics to classify them. 

Reading Champions' Book Swap, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 17th Nov 2017 @ 2:03pm

On the 1st December, Reading Champions will be holding a Year 5/6 book swap.

If you have a book that you have loved reading but would like to swap for a different book, bring it to school on Friday 1st December to swap it for free.


Date: Friday 1st December

Time: 11am

Venue: Sports Hall

6B Classification in Science, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 1st Dec 2017 @ 1:14pm

6B really enjoyed the science lesson today. We collected leaves from the playground and recorded data from them. We then used this data to create classification keys and spent some time identifying leaves in our playground using what we had made. 


Y5/6 Book Swap Success, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 1st Dec 2017 @ 1:06pm

A huge well done to all Reading Champions who helped to organise today's book swap event.  It was great to see so many children leaving with new books that they may never have chosen in a book shop themselves.

We hope that everybody enjoys their new reads!

Hobgoblin Theatre Visit Year 2, by Mrs Price

Date: 30th Nov 2017 @ 9:53am

The Wizard of Oz Pantomime


Year 2 have enjoyed an exciting visit from the Hobgoblin Theatre Company. The Wizard of Oz was a fantastic pantomime for the children, everybody was involved in cheering, laughing and encouraging the characters duirng the performance.


Year 5 Soccerdome Tournament, by Mrs Walters

Date: 29th Nov 2017 @ 4:05pm

Some of our year 5 children had a fantastic afternoon taking part in a Soccerdome tournament today.

The tournament was arranged by Frank Brennan, former governor and owner of the Soccerdome and he kindly donated a trophy which the winning team will receive next week in a special assembly.

Each class had taken part in games during the previous week and the final four teams travelled to the Soccerdome for the semi final and final. The ultimate winners were 5C, who beat 5D in the final.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Upper Site Gymnastic Success, by Mrs Walters

Date: 28th Nov 2017 @ 1:22pm

Congratulations to our Year 5 and 6 gymnasts who represented St George's at a competition against five other schools at New Brighton Gymnastics Club on Monday.

The year 5 team came second overall with the year 6 team coming first! They all performed brilliantly and were a credit to the school.


Road Safety week, by Miss Gough-Hughes

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 4:23pm

Road Safety week

As a school, we have been promoting road safety week and the importance of children using the roads safely. We have discussed how we cross the roads safely, using the different types of crossings and discussed how it is important to stop, look and listen when we cross the road. Children also looked at how they could stay safe if they were using equipment such as a scooter near to the road and how they could stay safe in moving vehicles e.g. always wearing their seatbelt and encouraging others to do the same. Children took part in a little in school competition where they drew their own version of the red and/or green man. Some of the children's examples have been uploaded. It would be useful if children could continue this discussion of how they can be safe on or near roads at home and even design their own green/red man again, if they would like to. 

Anti-Bullying week, by Miss Gough-Hughes

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 4:11pm

Anti-Bullying Week 

This week, the children have been thinking about what the word bullying means. Children have been talking about our school rules and how they keep us safe and try to ensure that we do not hurt or upset other people's feelings or that other people do not hurt or upset us. Children have discussed what they think would be bullying and how they could instead show kindness to their friends and family at all times. Children have also been encouraged to think about how they could help their friends if they thought their friends were being bullied in school. This week, to raise awareness for anti-bullying week, all year 1 children have created their own anti-bullying poster. We will to continue to spread awareness for anti-bullying and remind children to be kind to their friends and family. . 

Daisy Dawes, by Mrs Price

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 3:16pm

Daisy Dawes 

Year 1 & 2 have had a fantastic time exploring the writing of Daisy Dawes, a local author. 

We listened to her story, explored her story in different languages and created our own version of Fred, the character from the story. 



Year 1 and 2 Author Visit, by Mrs Horton

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 1:44pm

We have been very lucky this week to welcome author, and model maker, Daisy Dawes into our school. She read her story book 'Get Ahead Fred' and brought along her fabulous models of the characters. In year 1 the children had a great time making crowns and year 2 created their own Fred models. Daisy was very inspirational and has promised to come back in the spring when her new book comes out. More phootgraphs of the day will be added to the year 1 and 2 pages.

Non uniform day, by Mrs Walters

Date: 23rd Nov 2017 @ 4:03pm

This Friday, 24th November, is a non uniform day in aid of the Christmas Fair. Children are welcome to come to school in their own clothes in return for a donation of toys or bottles. 

Road Safety Week, by Mrs Walters

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 9:33am

Children across the school enjoyed a 'Wheelie and Walker' Breakfast today to mark Road Safety Week. Our brilliant catering teams at both sites provided pastries for the pupils who had walked, ridden or scooted to school and it was a great success!

During the week children have been buying reflective key rings and stickers and learning about road safety with different activities.

The Eco Council, Mini Police and Dragon Club also got involved with Road Safety Week by asking parents to sign their petitions calling on the council to support the school with traffic calming measures. The children have done a fantastic job.


Mini Police visit Liverpool for Road Safety Week, by Mrs Walters

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 3:19pm

Three of the mini police squad were invited to have lunch at the police headquarters in Liverpool this week. After lunch they walked to Williamson Square with some police officers and mini police from other schools. 

They were able to hand out leaflets to the public about road safety to raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving and the use of mobile phones while driving.

During the afternoon they were able to watch fire officers practice rescuing a trapped casualty from a crashed car. The fire officers took the roof off the vehicle, smashed the windows and took off the doors to rescue the pretendcasualty. 

They really enjoyed their day and are looking forward to their next challenge as mini police. 

The key message they would like to share is;

'Stay safe and drive carefully!' 

New iPads in Year 6!, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 22nd Nov 2017 @ 2:37pm

We’ve had a fantastic afternoon in Year 6 using our new iPads. We have been creating algorithms using codes to complete different challenges. Some of us even learned to debug the programmes. We can’t wait to get the iPads back out to have another go.

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