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Chinese afternoon in Year 6, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 7th Jun 2018 @ 2:55pm

Year 6 were lucky enough to be visited by Lily and Ping from Calday Grammar School today, who shared their knowledge of Chinese geography, culture and language. We learnt how to greet somebody in Chinese, we learnt where China is in the world and we learnt that 1.3 billion people live in China.

Lower Site Intercom System, by Mr Smith

Date: 6th Jun 2018 @ 5:20pm

Most of you will know our intercom system is well underway on lower site. When you collect your child from after school club you'll need to press the buzzer (located on the wall to the right of the gate), staff will then respond and buzz you in once knowing who you are. You'll then need to push the gate when leaving and staff will buzz the gate, the gate will automatically close behind you so please do not force the gate shut. Should an alternative be collect your children could you please inform them of the new system.

Thank you for your support.

Intercom Lowersite, by Mr Smith

Date: 1st Jun 2018 @ 10:43am

We have now had our intercom system fitted for Dragon Club. The intercom will only be in use for After School Club and over our Holiday Club.

Parents/Carers are now required to push the buzzer at the gate and speak to staff before being allowed access onto site - this helps us safeguard and protect our children from any unatherised visitors whilst they are outside playing around the site.


The gate will automatically close behind you.

Newsletter 24.05.18, by Mr Smith

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 3:53pm

Please see attached our latest newsletter for Dragon Club.

Tennis tournament, by Mrs Walters

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 1:17pm

Congratulations to our year 1 tennis aces who won a Wallasey inter schools tournament this week at Thorndale Tennis Club.

As always their behaviour was brilliant and they had a great time.

Help for Heroes Success, by Mrs Walters

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 12:40pm

Thank you to everyone who sponsored our children for their Help For Heroes/Saxon Roundhouse fundraiser yesterday.

The children had a brilliant time tackling our obstacle courses at both sites. If you could send any sponsor money in by 8th June we would be very grateful.

Year 6 Can-Can Dancing, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 10:33am

Year 6 had a fantastic time doing the Can-Can this morning. We would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Burton for organising it.

Walk to School Week, by Mrs Walters

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 10:32am

Walk to School Week came to a successful end today with our Mini Police petitioning people at both sites to ask for St George’s Road and Claremount Road to become 20 mph zones.

Many people were surprised the roads aren’t already 20mph and everyone was happy to sign including our fabulous lollipop man and the bin men!

Community police were there to lend a hand and we got more then 200 signatures at both sites - not a bad mornings’s work! 

The children who walked, rode or scooted to school also enjoyed a free breakfast served from 8.30am thanks to our catering teams at both sites.

We hope to be out with the petitions again after half term - thank you to everyone who signed today.

Help for Heroes, by Miss Gough-Hughes

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 4:49pm

Help for Heroes


Yesterday, children in Year 1 took part in an outdoor assault course in order to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes. We were incredibly proud of how well the children did, going round the course. They ran in and out of cones, jumped over some hurdles, walked across the benches and finally army crawlled underneath some cargo netting. The children raced against one another in teams and both teams did incredibly well, especially considering the heat! A huge well done to all children for completing the course and for fundraising for a fantastic charity. Also, a big thank you to parents for supporting their children in fundraising at home. 

Help For Heroes Y3, by Miss Jones

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 2:23pm

Year 3 had a marvellous time taking part in the Commando Joe obstacle course! Children walked to top site and showcased their athletic talents in aid of Help For Heroes. A huge thank you and well done to all who took part and collected sponsor money! All sponsor money must be collected by the 8th June 2018. Money raised will go to the Help For Heroes charity, and will also help fund our very own Saxon roundhouse! 

Thank you for your continued support.

6A - Help for Heroes, by Mr Keaney

Date: 24th May 2018 @ 11:25am

6A had a great time on the obstacle course raising money for Help for Heroes!

Y6 Art, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 24th May 2018 @ 9:13am

We have had great fun researching French artists using QR codes, making mood boards and having a go at recreating some masterpieces. We cannot wait to see the finished pieces!

Parent Satisfaction Survey , by Mr Smith

Date: 23rd May 2018 @ 4:33pm

Dragon Club would like to know what you think about the care we offer your child, and
our relationship with you. Please could you spend a few minutes answering these questions to
help us improve our service?

We will not be receiving your email addresses with your responses. This keeps forms anonymous.



Extraordinary Fundraising Feat, by Cassidy

Date: 20th May 2018 @ 3:53pm

A huge well done to one of our amazing year 6 pupils who raised a staggering £756.00 for Cancer charities by abseiling down the Leasowe Lighthouse.  


Limited space for May Half Term, by Mr Smith

Date: 17th May 2018 @ 10:46am

UPDATE: We have very limited space available for May Half Term. If you require a space please book in ASAP. May we also announce that holiday club for this half term is now based on Lower Site (St Georges Road) should you need anymore information: dragonclub@stgeorges.wirral.sch.uk or 0151 638 2149

Year 4 PGL Activity Photographs, by Miss Cameron

Date: 14th May 2018 @ 2:19pm

Here are some photographs from our group activities. 

We did:

The giant swing


Problem solving


Low ropes

Year 4 fun in school, by Mrs Walters

Date: 10th May 2018 @ 11:06am

Some of the children in year 4 stayed in school this week and had a great time learning about oceans, having art sessions and running an orienteering session for year 3!

The children learnt about artist Andy Goldsworthy and spent a morning planning their pictures before heading out into the centenary garden to collect materials from nature.

They researched oceans on the iPads and made pictures with scrunched up tissue or in a mosaic style.

They wrote their favourite jokes in chalk on the playground to entertain year 3 and then yesterday organised an orienteering style session with clues for some year 3 children to find letters which spelled out RESPECT.

The children said they really enjoyed themselves.

Year 4 Kayaking at PGL, by Miss Cameron

Date: 10th May 2018 @ 1:57pm

"I loved seeing the different animals around, especially the ducks and ducklings." smiley

"I was proud of myself for getting over my fears of the water!" yes

"I really enjoyed all the games we played on the water." laugh

"I was SO happy to get a warm shower after kayaking!"cheeky

- Year 4 Children

Year 4 PGL Photobooth pictures, by Miss Cameron

Date: 11th May 2018 @ 2:51pm

During our disco we had a photobooth with props!

Year 4 have arrived safely on their residential trip, by Mrs Walters

Date: 8th May 2018 @ 2:56pm

Year 4 have arrived safely at PGL in Shropshire and have been enjoying the days' activities despite the rain!

Dodgeball fun, by Mrs Walters

Date: 4th May 2018 @ 3:13pm

Some of our year 3 and 4 children had a great time at a school dodgeball tournament today and came third.

The children went to Greenleas Primary School and joined several other schools in the competition. As always their behaviour was great and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

School opening, by Mrs Walters

Date: 3rd May 2018 @ 4:45pm

School will reopen tomorrow, Friday 4th May as normal. We will be closed on Monday for the bank holiday and will reopen on Tuesday 8th May.

Attendance tea party, by Mrs Walters

Date: 3rd May 2018 @ 4:43pm

Congratulations to all the children who came to our 100% attendance party. The children enjoyed juice and a cake along with a scavenger hunt for years 5 and 6 and some extra playtime for children at lower site.

Year 1 Phonics Screening , by Miss Gough-Hughes

Date: 2nd May 2018 @ 2:29pm

Dear Year 1 parents, 

As you may be aware from parents evening and letters sent home, Year 1 children have their phonics screening test coming up (week beggining 11th June). This is a test whereby children will come and read some real words and some alien words (nonsense words) with their class teacher. If you would like more information about what this test entails, we have a parents event being held at 5pm on Monday 14th May. 

Here is a list of useful websites in order to practise with your children at home: 


Phonics Play website - www.phonicsplay.co.uk     (phases 3-5). Games including: Buried treasure, poop deck pirates etc.

Teach your monster to read app 

Phonics Bloom Website - https://www.phonicsbloom.com/ (phases 3-5).

BBC Bitesize website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/literacy/phonics/play/popup.shtml 

BBC Sandcastle game - http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/wordsandpictures/phonics/sandcastle/flash/game.shtml

ICT Games - http://www.ictgames.com/literacy.html


Thank you,

The Year 1 team. 





Reading breakfast , by Mrs Walters

Date: 1st May 2018 @ 3:26pm

Thank you to everyone who came along to the year 1 and 2 reading breakfast at Wallasey Village Library this morning.

it was a great success and everyone enjoyed breakfast and a story from Mrs Horton. Thank you to the library for hosting us!

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