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We always remind children each term about the e-safety rules that they need to consider when they log on to the internet or any computer at home or at school.

If any parent has any concerns about e-safety please call the school. 

Pupil Survey 
We asked the children in year five and six about their experiences of on-line social issues in a child-line survey earlier in the year.  The answers really opened our eyes (and ears) as many of the children reported that they were using social media a lot more regularly and un-supervised that we expected. 
Some children reported that they had encountered some issues with their peers and on-line behaviour.  School continues to respond to these highlighted issues. 

E Cadets

The Year 5 & 6 children are helping to promote E-Safety amongst their peers with an initiative called E-Cadets!

Please see attachments below with useful and insightful information.


  • E-safety kitSelect Ireland to find out lots of ideas to help you with safer internet at home

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