What can I look to gain from School Direct?


If you complete the School Direct training programme successfully you will gain a PGCE with 60 Masters level credits. From here you can take up employment and continue with your studies as an Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT).


How is the School Direct programme funded?


If you are offered a place on this programme, tuition fees of £9000 will be applied.

There are a number of tax free bursaries or scholarships that you may be eligible for, in addition to the loans offered through student finance. Bursaries and scholarships are dependent upon a number of factors, including, degree specialism and classification.

Full details of bursaries and scholarships can be found on the Teacher Agency website:www.education.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/funding.aspx

Details of student finance can be found on: www.gov.uk/teacher-training-funding

For specialist/shortage subjects such as Physics, the Insititute of Physics (IOP) offers up to £25,000 funding to support Physics teacher training. Visit www.iop.org/teachphysics for more information.

How does School Direct differ from other graduate training routes into teaching?


School Direct is an initiative which replaces the graduate teacher programme and gives schools greater control over recruiting and developing new entrants to the profession. It shifts responsibility for teacher training away from university PGCE courses and towards schools, although training schools are still expected to have a university partner. 

The Association of School and College Leaders has produced a route map into teaching to help address the lack of clarity over the array of routes into the profession .



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