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F2B and F2D Forest school

Session begin on Tuesday 15th Novemeber, please make sure your child has lots of layers and warm clothes as the weather is very cold at the moment.

Thank you

The children of F2C enjoyed going to Forest School. We all had to get ready for Forest school before we left school. The children got dressed in their waterproof clothing and wellie boots. After walking up to top site we sat around the fire circle and Mrs Pugh told us about the different activities we could do.

Some of the activities included:

The Mud Kitchen: this is where we could make potions using lots of things we found within the woods, one week we made a “bad guy potion”.

Made leaf crowns: we collected different leaves and attached them to a paper crown.

Den building: we made mini dens with twigs and leaves.

Bug hunting: we went hunting for bugs under logs and leaves. We also used magnifying glasses to take a closer look.

We all really enjoyed Forest school and we are looking forward to going again in January, if any parents would like to join in our fun please let us know.

F2A had a fantastic first four weeks at forest school. They have learnt the forest school rules and have learnt about some of the bugs that live in the forest.  The children have enjoyed many different activities in Dragon Wood. Lots of children have enjoyed climbing up a tree using the ladder, which they are all getting more confident in, and jumping out of the tree is a particular enjoy for many children. The mud kitchen has been very popular with meals from pizza to mud pie and mud soup! The children loved making leaf crowns, measuring their head and then attaching leaves that they could find on the floor, there was even a competition of who could find the biggest leaf for their crown. We all made mini dens for the creatures that live in the forest and worked together in small groups to create these, they were fabulous. Snack has been everybody’s favourite, hot chocolate and a biscuit or an apple. All the children really enjoyed their first four weeks at forest school and are looking forward to the next block in January. 


Classes F2A and F2C will be the first to start their Forest Schools experience! Their first session will take place on Tuesday 27th September!   F2A - AM and F2C - PM. 

How exciting!


In order to deliver our Forest Schools program consistently and effectively we need your help!

If you are able to commit to a Tuesday AM or PM for a block of 4 weeks to support your child's class we are waiting to hear from you.  At times we may struggle to get enough parental support to hold the sessions and meet ratios to walk the children to the Forest School site on Claremount Road.  If you are able to help in another class please let us know. We love it when Aunts and Uncles or Grandparents want to help too!


Training will be delivered to parental volunteers on Tuesday 20th September 1-3pm

Please see the Forest School letter home for more information.

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