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Applications Foundation Stage 2 - September 2017


Closing Date for applications is 15th January 2016


Open Day for prospective parents on Monday 12th December 2016 at 2.00pm and 5.00pm. Please contact the School Office to book your place.


Applications for Nursery are available from the school office.


Closing Date for applications is 31st March 2017



Open Day for prospective parents on Monday 12th December 2016 at 2.00pm and 5.00pm. Please contact the School Office to book your place.



Morning - 8.45am – 11.45am

Afternoon - 12.30pm – 3.30pm


Please contact the School Office on 0151 638 6014 for an Application Form.


Applications must include proof of your address and your child’s Birth Certificate.

to St. George's Primary School


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This page provides information for parents of children who are due to start school in September 2017. The class they join is called Foundation Two (F2).  Foundation One is the name given to any setting such as a nursery or playgroup (F1).

We want all children to feel comfortable and enjoy their school experiences as this will help to ensure that learning can take place straight away! As a result we plan a host of different transition activities to ensure we know a little bit of information about your child before they start school - and also make sure they know about us too!  Knowing where to hang your coat, where to enter the building and how to ask for help all really ensures that the children are content from day one at St. George's Primary.

Parents should be contacted in April via email or letter to inform them of their child's school for September 2017.  School is informed of the admissions at the same time as families.

Some events in the summer are intended just for parents, of course some are also intended for both too - so read the invitations carefully!  The induction session is intended for children only which is why it happens at the end of the summer term when you and your child have already visited the school.


Mrs Mitchell is the Assistant Headteacher who leads the Early years team. There will be time to meet the teachers, assistant and our Headteacher over May and June before the summer break.

Please return the forms as soon as possible to the Local Authority.

Last year our school had a number of children who were not given a place because of the high demand.  Even after appeals were held a number of pupils had to accept their second or third choices. We strongly encourage all parents to meet the deadline for application and clearly state their second choices.  




For details of the exact process please visit our key information section of this website and download the PDF leaflet.  If you wish to check if you live within our catchment then visit or contact the council : 0151 606 2020 

Step 2 - start getting to know us and we find out about you...

Details of our summer transition events for families who hope to join us next year (2016) are listed below...


Induction Evenings for Foundation One and Two


It is always lovely to meet so many parents and have the opportunity to begin to get to know everyone at the Foundation One and Two Induction Evenings. These meetings are held once parents have been written to by the LA to inform them if their child has a place with us. Letters to parents only arrive at Easter which is why our induction has to start in the summer term. We hope to provide packs and information booklets. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact school and if a member of staff is not available to answer your question straight away, they will do so at the earliest opportunity.

School uniform is available for sale in school all through the year and sample sizes are available for you to look at too.

Welcome Evening - MAY 

All parents are invited to attend a welcome event in May 2017.  This event is intended for adults only so that the relevant information can be shared and forms completed such as medical details and health histories completed.  Parents get the chance to meet the teachers, teaching assistants and senior staff at the school.

Teddy Bears' Picnic - JULY 
Foundation One and Two picnics take place and have been extremely successful in the past at welcoming families. Storytelling, hunting in the school grounds for a bear and then enjoying an outdoor picnic will be something for everyone to look forward to in July 2017. 

Please see below the following dates and times for your childs Teddy Bears Picnic.

F2A - Monday TBC at 9.30am
F2C - Monday TBC  at 1.30pm
F2B - Wednesday TBC at 9.30am
F2D - Wednesday TBC at 1.30pm 


Induction Day for Foundation Two -JULY 

Children will be invited to spend a day with us to learn about the new routines and meet the team who work in the F2 building.  More details are sent once offers of places are made in 2017.
Last year this day had a theme to help keep the enjoyment and excitement bubbling away! We will share the theme with you in due course!


All of our new starters for September 2017 will be welcomed in a short staggered approach over the first two weeks of September 2017.  Please ask the class teachers if you have any questions or concerns about the routines of the day or events that take place each week. 





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