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Anti-bullying workshop with School Council and their parents


Anti-Bullying Workshops


We held workshops for the school council and their parents. We were also joined by two of our school governors, Mr Olsen and Mr Dunning. During the meetings we talked about what bullying is and created a group definition of what we think bullying is. The children were able to inform the parents of the work that they had done during anti-bullying week. The school council have an important role in delivering the anti-bullying message to their classes and they were able to talk about what advice they could give to a friend in need and who to go to for support. During the workshops we were also able to think about the behaviour policy at St George's and the parents, children and governors all gave some feedback about how we could improve our behaviour policy. The teachers will work with the school council to develop this further.


Year 1 and 2 Bullying Definition

Bullying is mean behaviour that happens more than once. It can make someone sad and unhappy.


Year 3 and 4 Bullying Definition

Bullying is repetitive, intentional, hurtful behaviour that makes people feel unhappy about themselves. Bullying is disrespectful behaviour towards somebody by another person or group of people, that happens many times.

Anti-Bullying Display


Anti-Bullying Week - November 2016


The theme this year is 'Power for Good' with the following key aims:

  • To support children and young people to use their Power for Good – by understanding the ways in which they are powerful  and encouraging individual and collective action to stop bullying and create the best world possible.

  • To help parents and carers to use their Power for Good – through supporting children with issues relating to bullying and working together with schools to stop bullying.

  • To encourage all teachers, school support staff and youth workers to use their Power for Good– by valuing the difference they can make in a child’s life, and taking individual and collective action to prevent bullying and create safe environments where children can thrive.


In school this week all children have attended an anti-bullying assembly. This has been followed up with work completed in classes. The school councils have also met to discuss how they can help to prevent bullying in school. Next week the school council and some of their parents will be attending an anti-bullying workshop to discuss how to use our 'Power of Good' to make the school a better place.


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