Senior Leaders

The school is one of the largest primary schools in the country and due to the number of children at St. George's who are taught across three separate buildings there are appointed senior managers who run the school on a daily basis. When parents need to discuss school related issues it is usual for an appointment to be made with one of the senior staff in the first instance to ensure the query is responded to on the same working day if possible. Most queries, concerns or complaints are handled on a daily basis by one of the three senior staff named below. Appointments with the Headteacher can be made via the school office although these may need to be booked in advance.  


Name Role Photograph Area of Responsibiltiy
Mr Bernard Cassidy Headteacher

Leadership of the school including the educational standards, staff recruitment and financial management.  Writes school policy and ensures the school ethos is communicated to keep our school a happy and effective place to learn and work.

Mrs T Skarratts-




Leads on staff training, monitoring of standards and safeguarding. Models good practice and co-ordinates school direct trainees.
Mrs Gemma Dunne



Assistant Headteacher Years 5&6
Mrs L Horton



Assistant Headteacher Years 1&2
Mrs L Mitchell



Assistant Headteacher Early Years
Mrs C Roberts Business Manager Business, Finance, Administration, Health & Safety
Miss J Harris

Pupil Progress Lead Y6

Teaching and learning in year six
Mrs R Molyneux Catering Manager

Catering & Hospitality Manager

Please contact via the school office if your child has any dietary requirements.

Mr J Sprung Head of Extended Services

Management of Extended Services

Please contact Mr J Sprung for any Dragon or Holiday Club queries

Mr C Smith Deputy Head of Extended Services

Management of Extended Services. Dragon Club

Mrs S Dobson Deputy Head of Extended Services Management of Extended Services. Dragon Club