Summer Learning

This last half term we have learnt:


We have been looking at how to group living things. We have been exploring and creating our own classification keys to sort different living things.


We have visited the wonderful Dewa experience to help immerse us into the life and experiences of the Romans. We have explored Chester and why the Romans might have chosen this place for a settlement. We have also explored different artefacts.


We have been looking at Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration for our nature focussed art work. We have used the Ipads to take photographs of different natural plants and living things and have integrated these into our work.


This next half term we will be learning:


We will be looking at the dangers to living things and their habitats. We will explore food chains and how they can be distrupted and what effect this has.


We will be exploring our own region, the Wirral and comparing and contrasting it to Southern Spain. We will be exploring weather, population, physical features and human features. We will also be developing our understanding of OS symbols and developing our map work.


We will be exploring the artwork of Claude Monet. Our main inspiration will be his work, The Water Lily Pond. We will be developing the use of our watercolour and brush skills.




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