The Teaching Teams


Class Teachers

These teachers teach the following year groups for the academic year 2018/2019.

Please visit the year pages for details of teaching teams and also the teaching support assistants who will be supporting your child.







1A Miss Patterson

1B Mrs Molloy / Mrs Hughes

1C Miss Gough-Hughes

1D Mrs Jones



2A Mrs Johnson / Mrs Senior

2B Miss Mulheirn

2C Mrs Malloy / Mrs Price

2D Mrs Cameron-Ivanov



3A Miss Bennett

3B Mrs Kingsley

3C Mrs Drogomirecki / Miss Forster

3D Miss Cummings




4A Ms Price / Miss Murphy

4B Mrs Saunders

4C Miss Lewis

4D Miss Reil




5A Mr Keaney

5B Miss Spurdle

5C Miss Hughes

5D Ms Ford / Mrs Parker




6A Mrs Taylor

6B Mrs Palmi

6C Mrs Bowden-Pickstock

6D Miss Newton

6E Mrs Dunne



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