Mr Cassidy's Visit to China

Date: 10th Oct 2018 @ 2:23pm

As part of our new partnership with Jingmao Primary School in China, Mr Cassidy will be sharing his trip in October 2018 with us through this blog.  Parents, staff and children can leave a comment by signing in.


It has been a very busy but productive few days in China, including visiting Jingmao Primary today and meeting some of the 2,800 students.

The school has its own theatre, art studio, science museum and sports centre! Lunch was a traditional bento box with prawns, rice and other delicious food.

Mr Cassidy and the other heads have been visiting more schools over the past two days including one with its' own observatory!

The first school was an experimental primary school with an amazing cinema themed play. All the schools have impressed with their warmth, ethos and resources.

Today they visited asecondary school, explored transition  also met the Mayor of Tiacang and visited the historic water garden.

On the last day Mr Cassidy spent the day with our friends at Jingmao Primary School again.

Saturday is sighseeing in Shanghai and then the long journey home!





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Poppy C wrote:

Wow that is amazing. I can't wait to see the pictures. Say Hi to the Chinese students for me.

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