At St George’s we would like all of our children to develop a love for reading and to become confident and fluent in their reading ability. We are hoping to encourage children to read more often so that they can develop the fluency that is required to read with a good level of understanding.

Shared Reading (Quality 1st Teaching) 

All pupils at St George's will be given daily opportunities to learn to read through Shared Reading.  This is their opportunity to access texts that they would not normally be able to on their own. Shared Reading will be used throughout the curriculum (Science, RE etc.), children will be supported to interpret and access the texts. The reading skills taught in the shared reading session are at Age Related Expectations (ARE) which are appropriate to the age of the child rather than their reading ability. However, our skilled teachers will ensure that children of all reading abilities will be able to engage with the text.

Basic principles:

  • all children must be able to see the text
  • the teacher models and then the class or groups read together this may include re-reading of the text
  • the text is explored with a particular focus informed by the objective
  • all children are included through questioning and discussion
  • children are supported in learning how to articulate their responses, interpretation and analysis of what they read (this is also modelled by the teacher)    

Guided Reading (Quality 1st Teaching)

Guided Reading focuses upon teaching children how to progress from their current reading level to the next, whether this be below, at, or above a level appropriate to their age.
A group of about six children, who are reading at about the same level, are grouped together. The teacher chooses a book or text that the children are able to read without too much difficulty, (95% accuracy). There is a clear teaching focus for the session based upon the National Curriculum objectives and the children's next steps.
This focus is shared with the children so that they know what they are learning. The children read independently and individually, not in turn. Beginner readers may read in a quiet voice and the teacher tunes in to listen for reading behaviours and areas for development. Confident readers may read in silence with a focus set by the teacher. They might read in advance of the session which is then devoted to a focused discussion about aspects of the text.
There is a balance of teacher and child talk, with the teacher prompting, and facilitating discussion.

The Successful Reading Partnership

At St George's Primary School we believe that every child should learn to read as quickly as possible. As well as our consistent and systematic approach to reading that each teacher uses to teach children to read we also have reading partners to support children who need a little extra boost to their confidence.
We recognise that each child is an individual, and some children may need some additional support during their time at school.
The Successful Reading Partnership aims to accelerate children's progress in reading by pairing a child with a trained reading partner for 10 weeks. The reading partners read 3 times per week for 25 minutes each session. During each session the child will read 3 books, 1 familiar book that the child is confident reading, a newly introduced book and a new book. The reading partner will observe the reading strategies the child is using and support them to become confident independent readers.The focus of the sessions is to encourage the child to problem solve and use independent reading strategies. This is achieved through praise and encouragement using a range of reading prompts.

Home Reading

In order for children to develop fluency they need to read regularly. We would like all children to read at home at least 4 times a week. The children will be bringing home a reading book and a reading record book daily. Please record your child’s reading in this book and return the book to school every day. We would recommend that children read for at least 20 minutes as part of their daily routine. The children will be able to select their own books from a basket of books that are labelled with their book bands and challenges. Your child should be able to read most of the words within the book without too much difficulty. Please do write a comment in your child’s reading log and sign each day. The teachers will try to respond at least once a week.

We are often asked for suitable texts for children so each year group has produced a recommended reading list. Children do not need to read every book on the list but it can be used as a guide when choosing books from the library or purchasing books. Some children may prefer to read digital texts from an i-pad or tablet. 

Oxford Owl        

Oxford Owl is an award winning website to help support your children's learning, both at home and school. As well as many helpful tips and activities you can access over 250 eBooks. 

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