Safeguarding at St George's

At St George's Primary School we are fully committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our children.  It is their right to be safe in school and our duty to ensure this. 

Safeguarding is managed in a number of ways.  This includes ensuring good behaviour, safety on the school site, anti-bullying, E-safety, pupil voice and child protection policies.

As part of safeguarding work, we work in partnership with colleagues from other agencies.  This includes colleagues from school nursing, social care, community police, children's centres, therapists, paediatricians and other agencies.

Safeguarding concerns can also be reported directly to the Care and Duty Team (CADT) at Wirral Social Care.  Their telephone number is: 0151 606 2008.

We have a safeguarding team at St George's who help to co-ordinate all our work.  We meet regularly to ensure that our policy and practice is as good as we want it to be.  Please contact us if you need andy support or advice.   We also have tow nominated safeguarding governors. 

They are Mr Brian Clark and Mr Keith Wadcock.

Our safeguarding team is:

Mr Bernard Cassidy -

Head Teacher

Strategic Lead, Audit and Supervision

Mrs Tracy Skarratts-Jackson - Deputy Head Teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead.  Full operational lead.

Mrs Hannah Rice - Learning Mentor and Family Support Officer

Family Intervention, child support and training.

Mrs Sam Broad - Learning Mentor and Family Support Officer

Family Intervention, child support and training.

Mr Craig Smith - Deputy Head of Extended Services

Designated lead for Dragon Club and Lunchtimes

Safeguarding Team

Below you can download details of:

  • Our Safeguarding Policy
  • Safeguarding Statement
  • Safer Recruitment Policy

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